BIODIVERSITY: Endemic Plants
Erica swaziensis E.G.H.Oliv.

Erica swaziensis

Erica swaziensis Erica swaziensis

Erica swaziensis E.G.H.Oliv. (Photos: Linda Loffler)

Information provided by Kate Braun (2011):

Description: Slender, straggling, with spreading well-spaced leaves; stems and leaves with spreading gland-tipped hairs. Leaves about 3 mm long, furrow on lower side somewhat open. Flowers in small terminal clusters on lateral shoots. Sepals about 3 mm long, with copious long white hairs; corolla pink, tube about 4 mm long and wide, slightly contracted at mouth, lobes blunt, wide-spreading; anthers and stigma hidden.

Habitat: Moist areas/vlei margins in open sourveld grassland.

Distribution: Swaziland, Forbes Reef, Millers Falls, Black Mbuluzi Falls, Pine Valley.

Flowering season: Flowering late summer.

Red List assessment: Known from about five localities, with only small populations observed at these localities.

Known Collections: SWAZILAND: Mbabane District, Black Mbuluzi Falls, Compton 25085 (PRE,SDNH), 2631AC; Mbabane District, Millers Falls, Compton 25854 (PRE,SDNH) 2631AC; Kemp 1301 (PRE,SDNH); Nicholson PRE 51217 (PRE); Hhohho District, Pine Valley, Dlamini G M A1146 (SDNH) 2631AC; Hhohho District, Mbabane, Dlamini G M A1346 (SDNH) 2631AC; Hhohho District, Forbes Reef, Braun 1379 (PRE), 2631AA.

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