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SWAZILAND'S BIODIVERSITY: Collaborative Programmes and Projects

Research Permits

The form for applying for a permit for any research activities within SNTC protected areas is available here:

SNTC Research Permit Form

Natural History Society of Swaziland - Malolotja Game Counts

Since the mid 80's, members of the Natural History Society of Swaziland have assisted with the twice annual game counts in Malolotja. (See Malolotja Research)

All-Out Projects

Quest Overseas - Research Projects

Research Projects Reports and Papers

2001. Field Study of Polystachya zuluensis
Download report (MS Word, 146 Kb)

Gallivan G J, J Culverwell, R Girdwood. 19??. Body condition and serum minerals of impala in Swaziland, effect of season, age, sex and management practice.

Gallivan G J; I K Barker; R M R Alves; J Culverwell; R Girdwood. 19??. Observations on the lungworm in Impala from Swaziland.

Gallivan, G.J. & Surgeoner, G.A. 1995. Ixodid ticks and other ectoparasites of wild ungulates in Swaziland: regional, host and seasonal patterns. S. Afr. J. Zool. 30: 169-177.

Gallivan, G.J., Culverwell, J., Girdwood, R. & Surgeoner, G.A. 1995. Ixodid ticks of impala (Aepyceros melampus) in Swaziland: effect of age class, sex, body condition and management. S. Afr. J. Zool. 30: 178-186.

Germer, Carsten. 1992. Project Oribi (unpublished paper)

Hyslop, E.J. 1991. Ichthyofauna of Mlawula Nature Reserve, Swaziland. Afr. J. Ecol. 29: 261-265.

Matsimbi, Paulos Dan. 1986. Digestive Physiology in Warthogs UNISWA BSc April, 1986 (unpublished).

Mzileni M B. 1986. Metal Analysis in Bones UNISWA student project (unpublished).

Mzileni, Mbongeni B. 1986. Uptake of Calcium & Sodium in the Intestinal Tract of the Impala UNISWA BSc March (unpublished paper).

Shabalala, C V. 1988. Small Mammals of Mlawula Nature Reserve UNISWA student project (unpublished paper).

Sukati, Charles Vusie. 1990. Small mammals of Malolotja (unpublished paper).

Mahlaba, T. A. M. and M. R. Perrin. 2003. Population dynamics of small mammals at Mlawula, Swaziland. African Journal of Ecology, Afr. J. Ecol., 41, 317-323
www.uniswa.sz/academics/science/ bio/staff/tmahlaba/aje.mlawula_rodents.pdf

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