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SWAZILAND'S BIODIVERSITY: Swaziland's Butterflies

Compilation of this checklist would not have been possible without the data and technical assistance provided by the UCT-ADU SABCA project and virtual museum.

Information from nature reserve checklists compiled by Chuck Saunders, updated with additions from Chuck Saunders, 5 November 2009, plus additional photographic records. Numbers quoted are from Pennington's Butterflies. Nomenclature updated in 2012, as per the SABCA virtual museum.

Photos to illustrate the checklist provided by Christopher K. Willis, I.C. and A. Sharp, Justin Bode, Peter Webb, Steve Woodall, Ralda & Louis Heyns, G. Diedericks, J.C. McMaster, M. Holmes, Geoff Nichols, Michael Purves and Kate Braun.

Swaziland's Butterflies - Families
(For detailed information on each species, click on the species name.)


85 Acraea aganice aganice
Malolotja Mlawula
86 Acraea horta
   Garden acraea
88 Acraea neobule neobule
   Wandering donkey acraea
Malolotja Mlawula
88.5 Acraea boopis boopis
   Rainforest acraea
90.1 Acraea rabbaiae perlucida
   Clear-wing acraea
91 Telchinia cerasa cerasa
   Tree-top acraea
93 Acraea satis
   East-coast acraea
97 Telchinia burni
   Pale-yellow acraea
99 Telchinia rahira rahira
   Marsh acraea
Possibly found in Swaziland
100 Telchinia anacreon
   Orange acraea
102 Telchinia serena
   Dancing acraea
Malolotja Mlawula
104 Telchinia cabira
   Yellow-banded acraea
Malolotja Mantenga
105 Telchinia esebria
   Dusky acraea
107 Telchinia encedon encedon
   White-barred acraea
Malolotja Mlawula
108 Acraea acrita acrita
   Fiery acraea
Possibly found in Swaziland
109 Acraea natalica
   Natal acraea
Malolotja Mlawula
111 Acraea caldarena caldarena
   Black-tipped acraea
Possibly found in Swaziland
113 Acraea lygus
   Lygus acraea
Possibly found in Swaziland
114 Acraea oncaea
   Window acraea
115 Acraea axina
   Little acraea
116 Acraea aglaonice
   Clear-spotted acraea
Malolotja Mlawula
119 Acraea acara acara
   Acara acraea
Malolotja Mlawula
121 Acraea anemosa
   Broad-bordered acraea
Malolotja Mlawula
122 Acraea nohara nohara
   Light red acraea
125 Acraea petraea
   Blood-red acraea
Possibly found in Swaziland
127 Acraea violarum
   Speckled red acraea
130 Pardopsis punctatissima
   Polka dot

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