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SWAZILAND'S BIODIVERSITY: Swaziland's Butterflies

Compilation of this checklist would not have been possible without the data and technical assistance provided by the UCT-ADU SABCA project and virtual museum.

Information from nature reserve checklists compiled by Chuck Saunders, updated with additions from Chuck Saunders, 5 November 2009, plus additional photographic records. Numbers quoted are from Pennington's Butterflies. Nomenclature updated in 2012, as per the SABCA virtual museum.

Photos to illustrate the checklist provided by Christopher K. Willis, I.C. and A. Sharp, Justin Bode, Peter Webb, Steve Woodall, Ralda & Louis Heyns, G. Diedericks, J.C. McMaster, M. Holmes, Geoff Nichols, Michael Purves and Kate Braun.

Swaziland's Butterflies - Families
(For detailed information on each species, click on the species name.)


nymphs, commodores
21 Aeropetes tulbaghia
   Table mountain beauty
22 Paralethe dendrophilus
   Forest Beauty
172 Euryphura achlys
   Mottled-green nymph
Possibly found in Swaziland
177 Euphaedra neophron neophron
   Gold-banded forester
Possibly found in Swaziland
178 Hamanumida daedalus
   Guinea-fowl butterfly
Malolotja Mlawula
181 Pseudacraea boisduvalii trimenii
   Trimen's false acraea
Malolotja Mlawula
182 Pseudacraea eurytus imitator
   False wanderer
Possibly found in Swaziland
183 Pseudacraea lucretia tarquinia
   False chief
185 Neptis saclava marpessa
   Spotted sailor
188 Neptis goochii
   Streaked sailer
Possibly found in Swaziland
189 Neptis laeta
   Common barred sailor
Malolotja Mlawula
191 Neptis serena serena
   Serene sailor
193 Neptis penningtoni
   Pennington's sailer
Possibly found in Swaziland
196 Sevenia morantii
   Morant's tree nymph
198 Sevenia boisduvali boisduvali
   Boisduval's tree nymph
199 Sevenia natalensis
   Natal tree-nymph
200 Byblia anvatara acheloia
Malolotja Mlawula
201 Byblia ilithyia
   Spotted joker
Malolotja Mlawula
204 Eurytela hiarbas angustata
   Pied piper
205 Eurytela dryope angulata
   Golden piper
Malolotja Mlawula
207 Hypolimnas misippus
   Common diadem
Malolotja Mlawula
208 Hypolimnas deceptor deceptor
   Deceptive diadem
Possibly found in Swaziland
209 Hypolimnas anthedon wahlbergi
   Variable diadem
210 Protogoniomorpha parhassus
Malolotja Mlawula
211 Protogoniomorpha anacardii nebulosa
   Clouded Mother-of-pearl
213 Catacroptera cloanthe cloanthe
216 Junonia natalica natalica
   Brown commodore
217 Junonia terea elgiva
   Soldier pansy
Malolotja Mantenga Mlawula
218 Precis archesia archesia
   Garden commodore
219 Precis tugela tugela
   Dry-leaf or Eared commodore
221 Precis ceryne ceryne
   Marsh commodore
223 Precis antilope
   Darker commodore
224 Precis octavia sesamus
   Gaudy Commodore
225 Junonia hierta cebrene
   Yellow pansy
Malolotja Mantenga Mlawula
226 Junonia oenone oenone
   Blue pansy
Malolotja Mlawula
227 Junonia orithya madagascariensis
   Eyed pansy
Malolotja Mlawula
228 Vanessa cardui
   Painted lady
Malolotja Mantenga Mlawula
230 Vanessa dimorphica dimorphica
   Northern short-tailed admiral
Possibly found in Swaziland
231 Antanartia schaeneia schaeneia
   Long-tailed admiral
Possibly found in Swaziland
232 Lachnoptera ayresii
   Blotched leopard
233 Phalanta phalantha aethiopica
   African leopard
Malolotja Mlawula
234 Phalanta eurytis eurytis
   Forest leopard

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