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SWAZILAND'S BIODIVERSITY: Swaziland's Butterflies

Compilation of this checklist would not have been possible without the data and technical assistance provided by the UCT-ADU SABCA project and virtual museum.

Information from nature reserve checklists compiled by Chuck Saunders, updated with additions from Chuck Saunders, 5 November 2009, plus additional photographic records. Numbers quoted are from Pennington's Butterflies. Nomenclature updated in 2012, as per the SABCA virtual museum.

Photos to illustrate the checklist provided by Christopher K. Willis, I.C. and A. Sharp, Justin Bode, Peter Webb, Steve Woodall, Ralda & Louis Heyns, G. Diedericks, J.C. McMaster, M. Holmes, Geoff Nichols, Michael Purves and Kate Braun.

Swaziland's Butterflies - Families
(For detailed information on each species, click on the species name.)


642 Papilio dardanus cenea
   Mocker swallowtail, Flying Handkerchief
Malolotja Mlawula
643 Papilio echerioides echerioides
   White-banded swallowtail
644 Papilio euphranor
   Bush kite swallowtail
Possibly found in Swaziland
645 Papilio constantinus constantinus
   Constantine's swallowtail
646 Papilio demodocus demodocus
   Citrus swallowtail
Malolotja Mantenga Mlawula
647 Papilio nireus lyaeus
   Green-banded swallowtail
Malolotja Mantenga Mlawula
648 Papilio ophidicephalus
   Emperor Swallowtail
649 Graphium angolanus angolanus
   Angola white-lady swordtail
Malolotja Mantenga Mlawula
650 Graphium morania
   White lady
Malolotja Mantenga Mlawula
652 Graphium leonidas leonidas
   Veined swordtail
Malolotja Mlawula
653 Graphium antheus
   Large striped swordtail
Malolotja Mlawula
654 Graphium policenes policenes
   Small striped swordtail
657 Graphium porthaon porthaon
   Cream striped swordtail
658 Graphium colonna
   Mamba swordtail

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