Swaziland Lepidoptera Checklist: Hesperiidae  Pyrginae  Carcharodini

Detailed information and distributions can be found in the Swaziland Invertebrates Database: Butterflies and Moths, photos/illustrations can be found in the Biodiversity Explorer: Butterflies and Moths.

   Gomalia elma elma     Green-marbled skipper   
   Spialia agylla agylla     Grassveld sandman   
   Spialia asterodia     Star sandman   
   Spialia colotes transvaaliae     Bushveld sandman   
   Spialia delagoae     Delagoa sandman   
   Spialia depauperata australis     Wandering sandman    
   Spialia diomus ferax     Common sandman   
   Spialia droma     Forest sandman   
   Spialia mafa mafa     Mafa sandman   
   Spialia secessa     Seasonal Sandman   
   Spialia spio     Mountain sandman   

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