Swaziland Lepidoptera Checklist: Hesperiidae  Hesperiinae  Baorini

Detailed information and distributions can be found in the Swaziland Invertebrates Database: Butterflies and Moths, photos/illustrations can be found in the Biodiversity Explorer: Butterflies and Moths.

   Borbo borbonica borbonica     Olive-haired swift   
   Borbo detecta     Rusty swift   
   Borbo fallax     False swift   
   Borbo fatuella fatuella     Long-horned swift   
   Borbo gemella     Twin swift    
   Borbo holtzi     Variable swift   
   Gegenes hottentota     Marsh hottentot skipper    
   Gegenes niso niso     Common hottentot   
   Gegenes pumilio     Dark hottentot   
   Parnara monasi     Water watchman   
   Pelopidas mathias     Black-banded swift   
   Pelopidas thrax inconspicua     White-banded swift   

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