Swaziland Lepidoptera Checklist: Pieridae  Pierinae  Aporiina

Detailed information and distributions can be found in the Swaziland Invertebrates Database: Butterflies and Moths, photos/illustrations can be found in the Biodiversity Explorer: Butterflies and Moths.

   Belenois aurota aurota     Brown-veined white   
   Belenois creona severina     African common white   
   Belenois gidica abyssinica     African veined white   
   Belenois thysa thysa     False dotted border    
   Belenois zochalia zochalia     Forest white   
   Dixeia charina charina     African small white   
   Dixeia doxo parva     Black-veined small white   
   Dixeia pigea     Ant-heap white   
   Dixeia spilleri     Sulphur small white   
   Mylothris agathina agathina     Common dotted border   
   Mylothris rueppellii haemus     Twin dotted border    

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