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424.  Speckled Mousebird
(Speckled mousebird )   (Colius striatus subsp. minor)
Siswati: indlati  
Very common breeding resident in all regions.

Malolotja Mantenga Mlawula

Malolotja Information:
common resident throughout the reserve.
Rocky hillsides with scattered trees
Mixed woodlands, thicket and thornveld
Exotic forest and thicket

Malolotja information from the Bird Checklist for Malolotja (printed in the late 1980's, sponsored by the Natural History Society of Swaziland), supplemented with information from Roberts' Birds of Southern Africa, 1985.

Checklist, comments and distribution information from the Swaziland Bird Atlas by Vincent Parker, digital data provided by the Avian Demography Unit, Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Cape Town ( SiSwati names from SNTC and Big Game Parks.

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