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Swaziland's Flora - siSwati Names and Uses

Compiled by Chris Long, © December 2005

SiSwati names and uses, arranged by alphabetically by botanical name:

Usage Category: Soil Conservation
Paspalum vaginatum    (Seashore Paspalum)
     Erosion control
Pennisetum clandestinum *   (Kikuya Grass)  tjanibengadze,
     Erosion control
Phyla nodiflora *   (Lawn Daisy)
     Good ground cover for exposed areas
Portulacaria afra    (Elephant's Foot)  sidondwane,
     Used to check soil erosion.
Psydrax obovata    (Mountain Quar)  umvutfwamini,
     Consolidates sand dunes.
Rhus nebulosa forma nebulosa    (Sand Taaibos)
     Stabilises sand dunes.
Salix babylonica *   (Weeping Willow)
     Introduced to stabilise banks of rivers & dams.
Senecio deltoideus    (Groundsel)
     Sand & soil stabiliser.
Sporobolus africanus    (Ratstail Grass)
     Erosion control
Sporobolus pyramidalis    (Cat's Tail Grass)
     Erosion control
Stipagrostis obtusa    (Kortbeenboes Mangras)
     Erosion control
Tridax procumbens *   (Tridax Daisy)
     Used in gardens as soil binder and ground cover.
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