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Species Information

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Adenium swazicum Stapf
(name current 2016)
Summer Impala Lily
Swazi Lily
Sisila semphala


Growth form: Dwarf shrub
Near Endemic
Swaziland distribution: lowveld only
Schedule A

Red Data Book Information:
Status: EN A1acdB1B2abcd Endemism: Near endemic Threats: Agriculture, damming, collection, alien plant infestation, habitat degradation Distribution: West of Lebombo, Big Bend area and northwards Thorny thicket on brackish plains. This succulent is protected by legislation. Its habitat is also very fragmented. Distribution mainly from north of Komatipoort in South Africa to Big Bend in Swaziland. The main threat is urban development.

Regional distribution:
Distribution mainly from north of Komatipoort in South Africa through Swaziland to northern Kwazulu Natal.

Description (Compton's Flora of Swaziland*):
Adenium swazicum - Dwarf succulent with enlarged stem, sometimes partly below ground and few branches, up to 30 cm high, bearing clusters of succulent leaves up to 13 cm long x 3 cm wide, tapering to both ends, often folded lengthwise, softly downy below, losing hairs later. Inflorescence terminal, few-flowered, flowers appearing with leaves. Calyx up to 10 mm long; corolla tube up to 5 cm long, funnel-shaped, downy outside, lobes up to 3 cm long and wide, uniformly coloured pink to deep reddish purple; anthers with terminal tail up to 1,2 cm long, forking at base; ovary of two free parts, ovules numerous.

* Where species names have changed, these have been matched according to herbarium specimens quoted in this publication.

Included in Tree Atlas.

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Pooley, E. (1998). A Field Guide to Wild Flowers Kwazulu-Natal and the Eastern Region. Natal Flora Publications Trust, Durban.