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Species Information

Trachyandra asperata Kunth var. swaziensis Oberm.
(name current 2016)
(Trachyandra asperata)


Growth form: Herb
Restricted distribution within southern Africa
Swaziland abundance: rare
Swaziland distribution: one quarter degree grid square only

Red Data Book Information:
Status: DD Distribution: Ukuthula, Black Umbeluzi Falls, Mbabane Recorded in Swaziland by Compton.

Description (Compton's Flora of Swaziland*):
Trachyandra asperata - Up to 1 m high, with variable number of glandular hairs. Rootstock short, woody, sometimes forming short stem. Leaves many, wiry, up to 40 cm long, less than 5 mm wide, rather triangular in section. Inflorescences widely branching, densely glandular-hairy. Flower stalk up to 12 mm long. Perianth segments spreading, up to 1 cm long, white or pink, with dark midrib and sometimes green spots. Fruit c 5 mm diam, narrower below, with few or many elongated gland-tipped protuberances.

* Where species names have changed, these have been matched according to herbarium specimens quoted in this publication.

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