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Species Information

Ehrharta erecta Lam. var. erecta
(name current 2016)
(Ehrharta erecta)


Growth form: Graminoid
Restricted distribution within southern Africa
Found within protected areas
Swaziland abundance: rare
Swaziland distribution: one locality

Red Data Book Information:
Status: LR lc Distribution: Malolotja Taxonomy needs attention.

Description (Compton's Flora of Swaziland*):
Ehrharta erecta - Slender perennial, reaching 1 m high, often rooting at bases of stems, usually soft, hairless. Inflorescence sparse, open, bearing few well-spaced spikelets, sometimes a raceme. Florets characterised by transverse corrugation; when they fall at maturity they leave glumes spreading wide at end of stalk.

* Where species names have changed, these have been matched according to herbarium specimens quoted in this publication.

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