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Species Information

Chlorophytum acutum (C.H.Wright) Nordal
(name current 2016)
(Anthericum acutum)


Growth form: Shrub

Red Data Book Information:
Status: DD Single record by Compton. PRECIS does not have it recorded for Swaziland.

Description (Compton's Flora of Swaziland*):
Anthericum acutum - Hairless. Rootstock small, bearing bristles, leaves c eight, arranged more or less in two ranks, up to c 50 cm long x 2 cm wide, tapering upwards, clasping at base, thin, flat, ribbed. Inflorescence up to 80 cm high, simple or slightly branched, stalk round; flowers solitary or in pairs; stalks short, jointed about middle; perianth segments up to 1,7 cm long, with broad green midrib; filaments c 8 mm long; ovary narrow.

* Where species names have changed, these have been matched according to herbarium specimens quoted in this publication.

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