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Species Information

Aloe dewetii Reynolds
(name current 2016)
De Wet's Aloe


Growth form: Dwarf shrub
Restricted distribution within southern Africa
Found within protected areas
Swaziland abundance: rare
Swaziland distribution: highveld only
Schedule B
Other uses

Red Data Book Information:
Status: EN A1acd Threats: Collection Distribution: Hlatikulu (Grand Valley) Listed by WCMC’s RDL as Vulnerable for Swaziland and previously Rare. Previously found in the Hlatikulu (1970s), but could not be found there recently. Is a spotted leaf aloe eaten by people. Threatened by a high population density.

Regional distribution:
Northern Natal, south eastern Transvaal and Swaziland

Description (Compton's Flora of Swaziland*):
Aloe dewetii - “Stemless”. Leaves erect-spreading, rather less than 60 cm long, up to 10 cm wide, widest a little above base, upper surface with oily appearance, copiously spotted, lower surface unspotted, margin horny, bearing large sharp spreading brown teeth c 1 cm apart. Inflorescence 2 m high or more, much branched above middle; flowers well spaced on short stalks; perianth C 3,5 cm long with pronounced basal swelling over 1 cm diam, tube slightly contracted above swelling, bright pink or flame.

* Where species names have changed, these have been matched according to herbarium specimens quoted in this publication.

Included in Tree Atlas.

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Jeppe, B. (1969). South African Aloes. Purnell, Cape Town