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LEGISLATION: The National Trust Commission Act, 1972 (Amended K.O-I-C 22/1973)




Acquisition of Property.

42. The provisions of the Acquisition of Property Act, No. 10 of 1961, shall mutatis mutandis apply to any expropriation of property under sections12, 14, 16 and 27 or under any other provision of this Act. (Amended K. O-I-C. 22/1973)


43. After consultation with the Commission, the Minister may make regulations, not inconsistent with this Act -

(a) as to the conduct of the business of the Commission;

(b) in consultation with the Minister for Finance, as to the tariff at which travelling and subsistence expenses are to be paid to a member of the Commission;

(c) as to the duties, remuneration, leave and other conditions of service of officers and employees of the Commission;

(d) as to the investigation of charges of misconduct or inefficiency against any person employed by the Commission, and the punishment to be imposed on or other steps to be taken against such person against whom such a charge has been established;

(e) as to the control, management, utilization and disposal of all moneys received by the Commission;

(f) in relation to declared institutions, as to the safety and good custody and preservation of the property of any such institution;

(g) in relation to national parks, nature reserves, national monuments, relics and antiques, as to the protection, preservation, restoration and maintenance of all such places and objects proclaimed under this Act, including the imposition of fees for admission to such places; and

(h) generally, as to all matters for which he deems it necessary or expedient to make regulations in order to carry into effect the principles and purposes hereof. (Amended K. O-I-C. 22/1973.)

Non-application of certain laws to parks, reserves, monuments and relics.

43. bis. The provisions of the Wild Birds Protection Act No. 45 of 1914, the Protection of Freshwater Fish Act No. 75 of 1937, and Game Control Act No. 37 of 1947, the Flora Protection Act No. 45 of 1952, the Game Act No. 51 of 1953 and the Grass Fires Act No. 44 of 1955 shall not apply within the boundaries of anypark, reserve, monument or relic proclaimed under this Act. (Added K. O-I-C. 22/1973.)

Repeal and Saving.

44. The Natural and Historical Monuments Proclamation (Cap. 217) is hereby repealed, but any monument, relic or antique proclaimed under Cap. 217 shall be deemed to have been proclaimed under section 26 of this Act.


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