Malolotja Nature Reserve: Annotated Grasses Checklist

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Aristida transvaalensis Henrard
Rock three-awned grass  
Occasionally found along roads and eroded areas at medium and high altitudes.

Sartidia jucunda (Schweick.) De Winter
(Aristida jucunda Schweik.)

One record from gulley next to Nkomati viewpoint road.

Stipa dregeana Steud. var. dregeana

Collected by Compton in the Forbes Reef area.

Perotis patens Gand.
Purple spike grassbottlebrush grass  
Occasionally found in valleys at lower altitudes, e.g. middle Malolotja valley.

Sporobolus africanus (Poir.) Robyns & Tournay
(S. capensis (Willd.) Kunth)
Ratstail dropseed  
Occasionally found in disturbed areas and grasslands at medium to high altitudes.

Sporobolus centrifugus (Trin.) Nees
(S. schlechteri Schweik.)

Occasionally found in high altitude grasslands, usually in sheltered areas.

Sporobolus stapfianus Gand.
Fibruous dropseed  
Uncommon, recorded from the middle Malolotja valley.

Eragrostis caesia Stapf

Uncommon, collected by Professor Compton in the Ngwenya Mountains.

Eragrostis capensis (Thunb.) Trin.
Heartseed love grass  
Often found in grassland at various altitudes.

Eragrostis chapelieri (Kunth) Nees

Uncommon, one record from middle Malolotja valley.

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