Malolotja Nature Reserve: Annotated Grasses Checklist

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Schizachyrium sanguineum (Retz.) Alston
Red autumn grass  
Common at low and medium altitudes, e.g. middle Malolotja and Mgwayisa valleys. Sometimes used as thatching grass.

Andropogon appendiculatus Nees

Abundant in high altitude sourveld grassland.

Andropogon chinensis (Nees) Merr.
(A. schinzii Hack.)
Hairy blue grass  
Uncommon, one record from track to middle Malolotja valley, medium altitude.

Andropogon eucomus Nees
Silver thread grass  
Locally abundant on moist areas e.g. vlei systems, at medium and high altitudes.

Andropogon huillensis Rendle
Large silver andropogon  
Occasionally found around vieis and seeps in high altitude grassland.

Andropogon ravus J.G.Anderson

Uncommon, one record from middle Malolotja valley.

Andropogon mannii Hook.f.
(A. platybasis J.G. Anders.)

Possibly found in Malolotja, collected by Professor Compton in the Forbes Reef area.

Andropogon ravus J.G.Anderson

Uncommon, found in high altitude sourveld grassland.

Andropogon schirensis A.Rich.
(A. schirensis var. angustifolius Stapf)

Occasionally found in grassland at various altitudes.

Cymbopogon excavatus (Hochst.) Stapf ex Burtt Davy
(C. caesius (Nees) Stapf)
Common turpentine grass  
Locally abundant in lower areas and in sheltered areas at higher altitudes.

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