Malolotja Nature Reserve: Annotated Grasses Checklist

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Digitaria ternata (A.Rich.) Stapf
Blackseed fingergrass  
Occasionally found at various altitudes, on disturbed ground.

Digitaria tricholaenoides Stapf
Purple fingergrass  
Common in high altitude sourveld grassland.

Alloteropsis semialata (R.Br.) Hitchc. subsp. eckloniana (Nees) Gibbs Russell
Blackseed grass  
Abundant throughout high altitude grassland.

Brachiaria bovonei (Chiov.) Robyns
Wiry signal grass  
Uncommon, one record from next to Nkomati viewpoint road, at high altitude.

Brachiaria brizantha (A.Rich.) Stapf
Common signal grass   Siswati: Ipunte
Common in valleys at lower altitudes, often on previously cultivated areas.

Brachiaria serrata (Thunb.) Stapf
(B. serrata var. serrata)
Velvet signalgrass  
Occasionally found in high altitude grassland and rocky outcrops.

Axonopus affinis Chase
(A. compressus sensu Chippind., non (Swart)z Beauv.)
Carpet grass  
Used as lawn grass, also found in shady areas e.g. wattle forests at high altitudes. Naturalised from tropical America.

Paspalum dilatatum Poir.
Dallis grass  
Occasionally found on disturbed ground, at high altitudes. Naturalised from South America.

Paspalum scrobiculatum L.
(P. commersonii Lam.)
(P. orbiculare Forst.)
Creeping paspalum  
Fairly common in high altitude grasslands, particularly in short grass areas and old fields.

Paspalum urvillei Steud.
Vasey grass  
Found in disturbed ground, possibly seed brought in with building sand, at office, workshop, labourers compound, abundant at Ngwenya mine. Naturalised from South America.

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