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Nature Reserves now on Google Earth street view.
October 2013
The major roads within the nature reserves were photographed by Google for the Google Earth street view in May this year, and this is now live.

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Malolotja Nature Reserve has been nominated to be the 8th wonder of the world - Read more
June 2013
Malolotja Nature Reserve and Phophonyane Nature Reserve have been listed on Virtual Tourist, a Trip Adviser company, as a potential 8th Wonder of the World. They are up against attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Hells Canyon and even Hollywood! Visitors to the site are able to vote for which natural wonder they want to take the 8th place, and can even vote numerous times (once a day).

Swaziland Birds Database available online.
January 2013
The Swaziland Bird Checklist information has been updated into a database format with individual pages for each species. Special thanks to Phil Perry for providing a number of photos for this purpose. Printable checklists for Swaziland as well as for specific areas are available.

Swaziland Birds Database

Swaziland's Butterflies and Swaziland's Dragonflies and Damselflies Checklists
June 2012
Provisional checklists of Swaziland's Butterflies and Swaziland's Dragonflies and Damselflies, including photos, species information and distribution maps, have been added to the website.

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Magadzavane Tourism Complex Offical Opening
March 2012
It was indeed a moment of truth when their Majesties officially opened the magnificent Magadzavane Lodge on the 8th March, 2012. Nestled within Mlawula Nature Reserve, a forty bed lodge with furnished en-suite units, restaurant, bar, self catering units, conference centre and swimming pool with a breathtaking view of the Lubombo mountains. Situated 16km from Siteki, near the Goba/Mhlumeni border, the lodge offers spectacular views and tranquil, relaxing environment. It is also an ideal stop-over point for visitors travelling to and from Mozambique. Activities within Mlawula Nature Reserve can be enjoyed by visitors staying at the lodge, which include game viewing, hiking trails, picnics, mountain biking, bird watching and fishing. There is also a spacious main camp for tents and caravans.

Official Opening of Magadzavane

It is worth noting that since the lodge opened its doors, it has been indeed a destination of choice for locals and international visitors so don't miss out on exploring this pride of the Swazi Nation.


Magadzavane Tourism Complex

E-mail: mlawulares@sntc.org.sz, xoliswam@sntc.org.sz or titienku@sntc.org.sz

Tel/Fax: (+268) 2383 8885, 2383 8453

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Introducing Magadzavane Lodge, Mlawula Nature Reserve.
March 2010
One of the SNTC’s newest projects is the magnificent Magadzavane, a forty bed lodge with furnished en-suite units, restaurant, bar, conference centre and pool. Situated 15km away from Siteki on the edge of the Lubombo escarpement in Mlawula Nature Reserve, near the Goba/Mhlumeni border, the lodge has spectacular views of the valley below. Magadzavane offers a tranquil, relaxing environment and is also an ideal stop-over point for visitors travelling to Mozambique.

View photos of Magadzavane.

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Malolotja Canopy Tours opening soon!
October 2009
An exciting new development at Malolotja National Park, Malolotja Canopy Tours will be opening soon.

Set within the forestested Sihlotswane gorge, adjacent to the famous Malolotja Falls, the Malolotja Canopy Tour is guaranteed to take your breath away. Led by trained guides, glide between platforms perched in trees and on cliff faces, and experience nature like never before as you slide through the forest canopy and enjoy a unique birds-eye view on the world around you.

The inspiring nature of the majestic setting, the ancient indigenous forest, waterfalls and the cascading stream make this an opportunity not to be missed.

The Malolotja Canopy Tour is a fun and safe eco-adventure for the whole family and is also ideal for teambuilding and corporate events.

The tour typically lasts two and a half hours after which you will return to the reception to enjoy some well-deserved refreshments.

For advance bookings and to find out more, please e-mail treetopcanopytours@sntc.org.sz or rohanbenadie@yahoo.com

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Annotated Checklist of the Trees of the Lubombo Conservancy
September 2009
This checklist is now available from the parks and reserves in the Lubombo Conservancy and also from the Natural History Society of Swaziland. The checklist includes information on over 300 species of trees, and over 100 illustrations.

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Swaziland Border Gate opening times changed.
March 2009
The opening times for the Swaziland Border Gates have been updated.

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Rock Art Exhibition - "Window on Africa's Past" at the National Museum.
February 2009
The Trust Association For African Rock Art's main objective is to create a permanent archive for rock art in Africa.

Africa has the greatest variety and some of the oldest rock art on earth.

Over 30 countries in Africa are known to have rock art with an estimate of 10 to 20 million images.

Swaziland rock art sites are found in Sandlane, Nsangwini, Ezulwini and in the Hhohho region.

The exhibition runs from the 12th of February until the 5th of March, at the National Museum, Lombamba.

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More photos added to the Swaziland Flora Database
November 2008
320 photos mainly provided by Linda Dobson-Lofler, predominantly of tree species, have been added to the flora database, bringing the total of species illustrated to 1003 species.

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Interactive Maps for Malolotja Nature Reserve
September 2008
Three interactive maps added for Malolotja Nature Reserve:
Malolotja Interactive Maps

Malolotja Visitor Roads and Facilities

Ngwenya Mine and Lion Cavern

Malolotja Picnic Site Trail

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EEASA 2008 Conference, Swaziland
April 2008
The EEASA 2008 Conference, Swaziland will be held from the 28th July to the 1st August 2008, more information can be found www.environment.gov.sz/eeasa/.

More photos added to the Swaziland Flora database.
January 2008
A number of photos have been contributed by Linda Loffler, predominantly of tree species. A total of 420 photos have been added, bringing the total number of photos to over 2000, representing 940 species.

Swaziland's Reptiles Forum
October 2007
Swaziland's Reptiles Forum is a new online forum for discussions and sharing of information on Swaziland's reptiles.

Swaziland's Reptiles Forum

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Now Available: Wild Swaziland - A field guide to the Common Plants and Animals of Swaziland
June 2007
Wild Swaziland - A field guide to the Common Plants and Animals of Swaziland

This book, the first of its kind for Swaziland, has just been published, with a little help from the
Natural History Society of Swaziland and the, now defunct, Conservation Trust of Swaziland. It is
authored by several local scientists and covers Birds, Mammals, Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Trees,
Invertebrates, Flowers and Aliens.

Available from:
Websters Bookstores nationwide
Showroom Reception, Leites Toyota, By Pass Road, Mbabane
Phophonyane Nature Reserve
Ngwenya Glass
Mountain Inn
Living in Africa - African Queen
Foresters Arms
Pick n Pay
Big Game Parks

or contact: Phil Perry

Price: Only E90

Wild Swaziland
178 Pages
Size: A5
551 Species Accounts
584 Colour Photographs
1 Painting
Plus Maps and Diagrams

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Addition of photos and illustrations to the Flora Database
June 2007
An additional 320 photos and 31 illustrations have now been included in the Flora Database, bringing the totals to 1483 photos and 71 illustrations.

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Coming soon: WILD SWAZILAND: Common animals and plants
February 2007
The first easy-to-use, accurate guide to Swaziland's common animals and plants. Contents: maps and descriptions of the eco-regions and national parks. Descriptions of 551 species (selected mammals, birds, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, invertebrates, trees, flowers and aliens) each with a colour photograph. Plus habitat symbols and colour-coded pages for easy reference.

Available in April/May 2007 at most book shops and shops catering for tourists.

Addition of new photos to the flora database
January 2007
The database comprises a comprehensive listing of Swaziland's flora. The list of species included is as per the Swaziland Flora Checklist (2004).

The addition of photos to the database is an ongoing project, and more photos will be added in the near future.

There are now 1163 photographs, 40 illustrations and 158 scans of specimens in the database, representing 556 out of a total of 3588 taxa. This does not include exotic species, which can be found in the alien plants database.

In addition, a feature allowing users to browse through photos by family has been added.

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Swaziland Flora SiSwati Names and Uses now online.
October 2006
Swaziland Flora SiSwati Names and Uses, compiled by Chris Long is now available online, on this website.

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Flowers photos added to the Flora Database.
August 2006
About 140 photos of flowers have been added to the flora database. More will be added soon.

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Ministers Launch New Lubombo Tourism Route At Indaba 2006
May 2006
Joint Press Statement by Ministers Fernando Sumbana (Mozambique), Thandi Shongwe (Swaziland), and Marthinus Van Schalkwyk (South Africa) on 6 May 2006.

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New component: Slideshows
April 2006
A slideshow component has been added to the website, with the first slideshow being of Malolotja Flowers. Links to the slideshows can be found on the Photos page.

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Website revision - October 2005 to March 2006 - Site redesign and updating.
March 2006
From October 2005 to March 2006, the website has undergone a complete revision and updating. This includes incorporation of new dynamic components. Additional new content will be incorporated over the next few months as and when it becomes available. If you encounter any errors on these pages, please send an email to webmaster@sntc.org.sz.

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