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Malolotja Nature Reserve - Bird Checklist
Cisticolidae - Cisticolas
645. Bar-throated Apalis
(Barthroated apalis )
(Apalis thoracica )
Widespread resident of forests, thickets and riverine bush.
Forested gorges
Mixed woodlands, thicket and thornveld
648. Yellow-breasted Apalis
(Yellowbreasted apalis )
(Apalis flavida neglecta)
Uncommon resident, recorded from woodland in the Nkomati Valley.
Mixed woodlands, thicket and thornveld
657. Green-backed Camaroptera
(Bleating warbler )
(Camaroptera brachyura brachyura)
Common resident of forests and riverine thickets, recorded from the Malolotja Valley.
Forested gorges
Mixed woodlands, thicket and thornveld
Exotic forest and thicket
664. Zitting Cisticola
(Fantailed cisticola )
(Cisticola juncidis )
Uncommon resident of highveld grassland.
Highveld grassland
666. Cloud Cisticola
(Cloud cisticola )
(Cisticola textrix major)
Uncommon resident of highveld grassland.
Highveld grassland
667. Wing-snapping Cisticola
(Ayres cisticola )
(Cisticola ayresii )
Widepread resident of highveld grassland.
Highveld grassland
670. Wailing Cisticola
(Wailing cisticola )
(Cisticola lais lais)
Common resident of grassy slopes, recorded throughout.
Highveld grassland
674. Red-faced Cisticola
(Redfaced cisticola )
(Cisticola erythrops )
Fairly common resident along the Nkomati River.
Nkomati River
677. Levaillant's Cisticola
(Levaillant's cisticola )
(Cisticola tinniens tinniens)
Common resident of reedbeds, marshes and vieis.
Vleis, dams and rivers
678. Croaking Cisticola
(Croaking cisticola )
(Cisticola natalensis )
Localised resident of rank grassland in the Nkomati and Malolotja River Valleys and in the upland grasses.
Highveld grassland
Mixed woodlands, thicket and thornveld
679. Lazy Cisticola
(Lazy cisticola )
(Cisticola aberrans aberrans)
Common resident of woodland, thicket and rocky hillsides.
Mixed woodlands, thicket and thornveld
Vleis, dams and rivers
681. Neddicky
(Neddicky )
(Cisticola fulvicapilla lebombo)
Common resident of grassland and open woodland.
Highveld grassland
Mixed woodlands, thicket and thornveld
Rocky hillsides with scattered trees
683. Tawny-flanked Prinia
(Tawnyflanked prinia )
(Prinia subflava affinis)
Localised resident near streams and marshes.
Vleis, dams and rivers
686. Drakensberg Prinia
(Spotted prinia )
(Prinia hypoxantha)
Common localised resident of grasslands and wooded slopes.
Vleis, dams and rivers
Mixed woodlands, thicket and thornveld


Podicipedidae - Grebes
Phalacrocoracidae - Cormorants
Anhingidae - Darters
Ardeidae - Herons, egrets, bitterns
Scopidae - Hamerkop
Ciconiidae - Storks
Plataleidae - Ibises and spoonbills

Anatidae - Ducks, geese, swans

Sagittariidae - Secretarybird
Accipitridae - Eagles, hawks, buzzards, kites, vultures
Falconidae - Falcons and kestrels

Phasianidae - Francolins and quail
Numididae - Guineafowl

Turnicidae - Buttonquails

Gruidae - Cranes
Rallidae - Rails, crakes, moorhens, coots, etc.
Heliornithidae - Finfoots
Otididae - Bustards and korhaans

Jacanidae - Jacanas
Charardriidae - Plovers
Scolopacidae - Sandpipers, stints, snipes, etc.
Burhinidae - Dikkops
Glareolidae - Coursers and pratincoles

Columbidae - Pigeons and doves

Musophagidae - Louries

Cuculidae - Cuckoos and coucals

Tytonidae - Barn and grass owls
Strigidae - Typical Owls
Caprimulgidae - Nightjars

Apodidae - Swifts

Coliidae - Mousebirds

Trogonidae - Trogons

Alcedinidae - Kingfishers
Meropidae - Bee-eaters
Coraciidae - Rollers

Upupidae - Hoopoe

Bucerotidae - Hornbills

Lybiidae - Barbets

Indicatoridae - Honeyguides
Picidae - Woodpeckers
Alaudidae - Larks
Hirundinidae - Swallows and martins
Campephagidae - Cuckooshrikes
Dicruridae - Drongos
Threskiornithidae - Old-World Orioles
Corvidae - Crows and ravens
Paridae - Tits
Pycnonotidae - Bulbuls
Turdidae - Thrushes, chats, robins
Cisticolidae - Cisticolas
Sylviidae - Warblers, apalises, cisticolas, etc.
Muscicapidae - Flycatchers and batises
Motacillidae - Wagtails, pipits and longclaws
Laniidae - Shrikes
Malaconotidae - Bush shrikes
Sturnidae - Starlings and mynas
Promeropidae - Sugarbirds
Nectariniidae - Sunbirds
Zosteropidae - White-eyes
Ploceidae - Sparrows, weavers, bishops, widows, queleas
Estrildidae - Waxbills, mannikins, twinspots, firefinches, etc.
Viduidae - Whydahs and widowfinches
Fringillidae - Canaries and buntings

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