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Malolotja Nature Reserve - Fauna - Butterflies

Information from reserve checklist compiled by Chuck Saunders, updated with additions from Chuck Saunders, 5 November 2009, plus additional photographic records. Numbers quoted are from Pennington's Butterflies. Nomenclature updated in July 2008, information provided by Mark Williams.

Photos to illustrate the checklist provided by Christopher K. Willis, I.C. and A. Sharp, Justin Bode, Peter Webb and Kate Braun.

Malolotja Butterflies - Families


blues and coppers
585 Actizera lucida
   Rayed blue
406 Aloeides aranda
   Aranda copper
400 Aloeides barbarae
   Barbara’s copper
402 Aloeides damarensis
   Damara Copper
380 Aloeides dryas
   Transvaal copper
396 Aloeides molomo molomo
   Molomo copper
403 Aloeides pierus
   Dull copper
405 Aloeides swanepoeli
   Swanepoel's copper
472 Anthene amarah amarah
   Black striped hairtail
462 Anthene definita definita
   Common hairtail
474 Anthene livida livida
   Pale hairtail
349 Axiocerses amanga amanga
   Bush scarlet
348 Axiocerses tjoane tjoane
   Eastern scarlet
579 Azanus mirza
   Pale babul blue
578 Azanus moriqua
   Black-bordered babul blue
489 Cacyreus fracta fracta
   Water geranium bronze
487 Cacyreus lingeus
   Bush bronze
490 Cacyreus marshalli
   Common geranium bronze
488 Cacyreus virilis
   Mocker bronze
574 Chilades trochylus
   Grass jewel
417 Chrysoritis aethon
   Lydenburg opal
335 Cigaritis mozambica
   Mozambique bar
333 Cigaritis natalensis
   Natal bar
570 Cupidopsis cissus cissus
   Common meadow blue
571 Cupidopsis jobates jobates
   Tailed meadow blue
246 Durbania amakosa ayresi
   Amakoza rocksitter
569 Eicochrysops hippocrates
   White-tipped blue
568 Eicochrysops messapus mahallakoaena
   Cupreous blue
566 Euchrysops dolorosa
   Sabie smoky blue
565 Euchrysops malathana
   Common smoky blue
563 Euchrysops osiris osiris
   Osiris smoky blue
567 Euchrysops subpallida
   Ashen smoky blue
507 Harpendyreus noquasa
   Marsh mountain blue
306 Hypolycaena philippus philippus
   Purplebrown hairstreak
316 Iolaus trimeni
   Trimen's sapphire
268 Lachnocnema bibulus
   Common woolly legs
269 Lachnocnema durbani
   D'Urban's woolly legs
499 Lampides boeticus
   Pea blue
553 Lepidochrysops glauca
   Silvery blue
524 Lepidochrysops ignota
   Zulu Blue
525 Lepidochrysops irvingi
   Irving's blue
551 Lepidochrysops patricia
   Patricia blue
550 Lepidochrysops plebeia plebeia
   Twin-spot blue
510 Lepidochrysops variabilis
   Variable blue
354 Leptomyrina gorgias gorgias
   Common black-eye
351 Leptomyrina hirundo
   Tailed black-eye
500 Leptotes pirithous pirithous
   Common zebra blue
304 Myrina silenus ficedula
   Common fig tree blue
531 Orachrysops lacrimosa
   Restless blue
292 Thestor basutus capeneri
   Basuto skolly
494 Tuxentius melaena melaena
   Black pie
300 Virachola antalus
   Brown playboy
295 Virachola diocles
   Orange-barred playboy
582 Zizeeria knysna knysna
   African grass blue
584 Zizula hylax
   Tiny grass blue

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