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Mlawula Nature Reserve - Fauna - Butterflies

(Information from reserve checklist compiled by Chuck Saunders.)

Numbers quoted are from Pennington's Butterflies. Nomenclature updated in July 2008, information provided by Mark Williams.

Photos to illustrate the checklist provided by Christopher K. Willis, I.C. and A. Sharp, Justin Bode, Peter Webb and Kate Braun.

Mlawula Butterflies - Families


blues and coppers
585 Actizera lucida
   Rayed blue
237 Alaena amazoula
   Yellow Zulu
399 Aloeides taikosama
   Dusky copper
472 Anthene amarah amarah
   Black striped hairtail
468 Anthene liodes bihe
   Liodes hairtail
480 Anthene talboti
   Talbot's hairtail
349 Axiocerses amanga amanga
   Bush scarlet
348 Axiocerses tjoane tjoane
   Eastern scarlet
576 Azanus jesous jesous
   Topaz babul blue
579 Azanus mirza
   Pale babul blue
578 Azanus moriqua
   Black-bordered babul blue
577 Azanus natalensis
   Natal babul blue
575 Azanus ubaldus
   Velvet-spotted babul blue
488 Cacyreus virilis
   Mocker bronze
574 Chilades trochylus
   Grass jewel
338 Cigaritis ella
   Ella's bar
333 Cigaritis natalensis
   Natal bar
261 Cnodontes penningtoni
   Pennington's buff
458 Crudaria leroma
   Silver spotted grey
571 Cupidopsis jobates jobates
   Tailed meadow blue
569 Eicochrysops hippocrates
   White-tipped blue
568 Eicochrysops messapus mahallakoaena
   Cupreous blue
564 Euchrysops barkeri
   Barker's smoky blue
565 Euchrysops malathana
   Common smoky blue
563 Euchrysops osiris osiris
   Osiris smoky blue
567 Euchrysops subpallida
   Ashen smoky blue
310 Hemiolaus caeculus caeculus
   Azure Hairstreak
306 Hypolycaena philippus philippus
   Purplebrown hairstreak
317 Iolaus pallene
   Saffron sapphire
316 Iolaus trimeni
   Trimen's sapphire
499 Lampides boeticus
   Pea blue
553 Lepidochrysops glauca
   Silvery blue
551 Lepidochrysops patricia
   Patricia blue
354 Leptomyrina gorgias gorgias
   Common black-eye
351 Leptomyrina hirundo
   Tailed black-eye
503 Leptotes babaulti
   Babault's zebra blue
500 Leptotes pirithous pirithous
   Common zebra blue
504 Leptotes pulchra pulchra
   Sesbania blue
581 Oraidium barberae
   Dwarf blue
242 Pentila tropicalis tropicalis
   Spotted pentila
311.3 Stugeta bowkeri tearei
   Bowker's marbled sapphire
496 Tarucus sybaris sybaris
   Dotted blue
494 Tuxentius melaena melaena
   Black pie
300 Virachola antalus
   Brown playboy
299 Virachola dinochares
   Apricot playboy
582 Zizeeria knysna knysna
   African grass blue
583 Zizina otis antanossa
   Dark grass blue
584 Zizula hylax
   Tiny grass blue

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